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Text for Page 012 [03-04-1861]

            �Fanny Fern� exploiting
gural speech, uttered this day at Washing-
ton will be considered a declaration of War
in the South; if this country escape, it it will
be a marvel.
  5.  Tuesday.   Writing a long letter to Bob
Gun.    Down-town towards sunset, calling at
Lindsay�s, Frank Leslie�s and Haney�s, un-
successfully.    At about 8 P. M.   Haney
came up into my room and stayed till 10 �.
Fanny cackles a good deal about her approach-
ing mother-in-law-hood, commencing plenty
of sentences with, �Now that girl is going to be
married��         This, addressed to Haney, means
a triumph over the Edwards� girls.      All women
are apt to regard matrimony in that light.
Fanny�s eminent success in carrying all her
points is a good illustration of what can be
done by a thoroughly selfish, unscrupulous,
cunning woman.    She married Jim; she
has her own way with him; he succumbs.
She sets about marrying her daughter to
Mort Thomson directly poor little �Chips� is
in her coffin, but always distrusting her own
sex, resolves that Grace shall be mistress of
a house of her own and though Mrs. Thom-
son is content to acknowledge Fanny�s pre-               
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