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Text for Page 013 [03-05-1861]

           Her Daughter�s Marriage
rogative, to become her spy and tale-bearer,
indeed, pumping Cahill and Wells, relative
to all that transpired at 745, she accom-
plishes her end; though Mort�s income will
be straitened by it and though he undoubted-
ly would have preferred bringing his new wife
home, to perhaps become subject to his mother�s 
domination.        Grace is good and honest enough,
I hope she may be happy.              What a delight-
ful quantity of wheels within wheels go to make
the Edwards� girls but will secretly feel that
Grace triumphs over them, when she becomes
Mrs. Thomson; though they�d deny it until
they became red in the face, if it were men-
  6.  Wednesday.   Down-town after writing
letter to Bellew, left �Pic� volumes at Scrib-
ners, for transmission to Bob Gun.         To
Lindsay�s, saw him, to F. Leslie�s; neither
he nor W. Waud returned to New York yet.
To �Century� office, saw Stockton and Bartlett,
(father of the heroine of the �Diamond Wedding�)
then to World office, going over the files of the
�Evening Post� in search of my letters.      Cobb,
Conant, Stedman and others in the editorial               
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