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Text for Page 017 [03-08-1861]

	His Peculiarities.
and bosh � requesting that I should procure
its insertion in the �Times,� �Punch,� &c.  I stuck
it in the letter-boxes of the penny illustrated papers,
in the �notices to correspondents� of which fugitive
verses of �Growler�s� afterwards appeared � of
his subsequent sending � of course unpaid for.  In
one case certain of his lines were subject to emenda-
tions, when he wrote an abusive letter to the editor!
Well, to return to his recent venture; he confiden-
tly expected that Bellew would remit the money
by return of post!             There�s method in Banks
madness, too; he didn�t try to borrow of me,
this afternoon, though he must suppose me
flush of money, from my presumed recent em-
ployment for the �London News.�   He would
have taken money from Boweryem unscrupulous-
ly enough, caring as much about paying him
as he did about paying me, Haney, and the
rest of us, six or seven years ago.   He has
had steady employment for five years, always
living up to, or rather anticipating his income.
He never seemed to have any money, but never
denied himself anything; he was smoking a
cigar when I met him this afternoon.         He
fuddled himself perpetually.    There�s no help-
ing him except by quarters, when it comes               
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