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Text for Page 018 [03-08-1861]

      To the Play with Lizzie Woodward.
to the wanting a dinner business, as it as-
suredly will.      Improvident, cracked, deboshed,
good-humored, egotistic, offensive, the great-
est of bores, no one can judge him seriously,
or refrain from wishing some impossible pat-
ron might help him into a situation again,
as once happened.   If not, what repetition
of misery awaits the poor devil!      Any way
he�ll die in a garret and be buried by
contribution.x            O�Brien has joined
the 7th Regiment, on the chance of getting a
free passage to England, during the visit to
the Volunteers which Bellew is trying to 
engineer through.
  9.  Saturday.   A wet, in-doors day.  Wri-
ting.    In the evening the weather cleared up,
and, revolting at more imprisonment, I pro-
posed to Lizzie Woodward that we should go
to the play.    So we did, and saw Tobin�s
�Honeymoon� and �Oliver Twist,� Miss Cushman
in both.        She did Nancy in the latter admirably
and terribly.            My companion was quite a
new playgoer, hadn�t been to the theatre thrice
in her life.    She looked quite pretty.
  10.  Sunday.   Another dull but not a
rainy day; wasted all the morning.   Richard-
  x I have heard it was in Potter�s Field.  April, 1880.               
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