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Text for Page 019 [03-10-1861]

           Nast back from Washington.
son in my room, with Boweryem during the
afternoon, anon Shepherd called and came up.
Talking, he commended the letters of the Charles-
ton correspondent of the �Evening Post,� considera-
bly, unknowing their author, supposing him to
be a resident of the city; I didn�t undeceive
him.      Evening, to 745, meeting Sally, Eliza,
John and Nast on the threshold, going to Chapin�s,
the first not walking with the last, but with her
brother.   Didn�t accompany them, descended into
basement, found Mr. and Mrs. E. Matty, Haney
and Parton�s mother.    Very soon Jim came and
we got to talking until his departure, within a
short space before the return of the girls and
their companions.    Nast was asked about his
Washington experience, I talked with Matty and
others, Nast with Sally and the evening wore
on till 11, when we, visitors, departed.
  11.  Monday.   Down-town during the morning,
writing all the afternoon and evening.  Did an
article for the �Evening Post� among other things.
Kept at it till midnight.
  12.  Tuesday.   To the �Evening Post� office, saw
Godwin, Hills and Maverick.          Looking in
at F. Leslie�s to inquire about W. Waud, I
found him in conversation with a little; smart-               
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