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Text for Page 020 [03-12-1861]

  Mrs. Will Waud, Miss Maguire & Miss Waite.
ly dressed young woman whom Leslie told
me, when she had left him, was Will�s wife.
So I addressed her on emerging into the street,
asking of her husband, but was able to give
rather than receive news; for he hadn�t writ-
ten to her during the past three weeks.  She
can�t be considered pretty, has light, indefinite
eyes and a rather squawky, down-east voice,
I doubt she�s not too happy or he over proud
of the match.   She had a respectable-looking
man, much her senior with her, and took
the car for Harlem.        Up-town.   Writing
all the afternoon.    In the evening, at Bowery-
em�s suggestion, went with him to Bartow�s
in Washington Street, to renew acquaintance
with little Miss Maguire and Miss Waite.
Found both of them at home, Mrs. Bartow,
Crosse, his wife and a visitor.      Stayed chat-
ting till 11.       Little Maguire promised me
if I called again to �tell me all about Mr. Led-
ger.  She implied previously that she knew his ad-

[newspaper clipping]
  A sheet which ought to know better, the Lon-
don Illustrated News, has a picture of secession,
as the artist saw it at the Charleston Hotel, in this
city.  You see a lot of villainous border ruffians,
with the usual concomitants of bowie-knives and
big spittoons, and vulgarity.  If he had represent-
ed Water-street prostitutes walking in the parlors
of the Fifth-avenue Hotel, he would have been as
truthful.  Yet the fellow was handsomely treated
here, and was entertained at the most fashionable
hotel in the city, the very one, too, he thus carica-
tures.  That is the way lies spread.	JASPER.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
			dress, I think jokingly.
			I clipped the accom-
			panying extract from
			to-day�s �New York Times,�
			and have written a note               
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