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Text for Page 152 [08-07-1851]

              [words crossed out].  In came another visitor who sate talking with Miss Jane
Gibson, Mason talking to me, & I suppose not over cheerful.     I rose to go, Miss
detained me by some converse.  Chaffed her & Mason, whereat he said �you�re coming
it rather strong. I think!�   She accompanied her to the door, where I talked with
her some ten minutes apropos of Mason�s supposed susceptibility, to her good tempered
amusement & laughter & I suppose to his especial annoyance.       He�s after
no good with that buxom, good-humored girl.
  10. Sunday.   Breakfast over, crossed at the South Ferry to Brooklyn, and
then at the little dock just in time to see Foley with a cargo of Frenchmen put off for
the �Mogudor.�     Had to wait an hour of more, then in obedience to the hoisted flag
came a boatman from the island, who transported me thither.  Found Barth &
Georgii guitar playing as is their custom of a morning.   Dinner, reading, converse
& dozing during the afternoon, and Creecey with us in the evening.  Bed
about 10 or so.
  11. Monday.  Over to New York in a boat, (bearing also an Irish damosel of
low degree.)     To Duane Street, and with Mr Hart to Millers the Lithographer.
Talk and calculations as to expense of Pictorial Broadway Directory.   It seemeth that
a like work has been tried & foiled; the remains of which we saw at Bunfords.
Very well get up too, which is disheartening.   Natheless we shall make essay. After
noon, and an hour in the morning at J B Holmes.          Rather unwell &
matagrabolized all day.     Evening, on getting to supper found a letter from
the redoubtable Keating intimating that he having heard that I had �maligned
the character of a lady,� �deemed it prudent to intimate he should demand imme-
diate �satisfaction (!)�       Wrote an [word crossed out] answer, giving him the Lie, 
him on his well-greased, indifferently-spelled & industriously-blotted missive, and
intimating, in case of lies attempting �satisfaction� I�d do my physical & fistical best
to oblige Humanity by dispossessing so every way small an individual of part
of his vast share of impertinence.                       /                      While yester-morn               
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