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Text for Page 023 [03-14-1861]

      Nast �cheeky� and punished for it.
steadily.   In-doors till 4, then down-town,
looking in at Haney�s on my return.   Met the
Irish waiter at the Charleston Hotel in Broad-
way, who told me he is going to return on Satur-
day.    Writing all the evening.
  15.  Friday.   Snow and slush in the streets.
Down-town, to the �Evening Post� office and
elsewhere, saw Godwin and Hills; at the
�Times�� office saw Webb.  Looking in at Ha-
ney�s found Rees, who has some sort of em-
ployment at the �Independent� office.   Up-town.
Writing.     In the evening to 745.     Nicholas,
Crockett, Haney and Matty playing at cards
at a side-table, Sally and Nast conversing
together at the central one, he with a sketch-
book before him and an illustrated book.
As, unless I took on arm-chair near them,
I must have gone to the sofa, out of the
social circle, I didn�t do the latter, and pre-
sently, on a remark of Sally�s, cut into the
conversation.    Nast didn�t like it, I think;
the little beggar tried girding at me when I
as I happened to be in good spirits and tonguey,
he got his payment with a spice of pepper
to it.      He supposes I talk against him behind
his back, half intimated as much. I could               
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