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Text for Page 024 [03-15-1861]

               His Development
trace a spice of Sol Eytinge�s influence in
his pupil�s way of regarding me.    Where did
I hear it said that Nast has Jewish blood
in his veins? one of the girls ventilated
it, I think, when Sally demurred at crediting
it.    His hair, nose and physique, his fond-
ness for the opera are not antagonistic to the
idea.      That would instinctively bring Sol
and him together, in sympathy, though I know
Eytinge is ashamed of his stock.            I have
been scrupulously civil to �Tommy,� and want
to continue so, for the chances are in favor
of his having Sally to wife � though it�s by
no means a sure thing � and for no other
reason; showing him, however, that I can
keep the whip-hand of him in talk.     He
has come back with his organ of self-esteem
considerably enlarged; his manner of talking
of the work of other artists is evidence of it.
Yet a good deal of this is natural enough,
in a young fellow fresh from one of the
most miserable of revolutions in history.
I�d like the little beggar, for Sally�s sake,
if he�d let me.     Not withstanding which
I turned her laugh on him, which of
course he�d like.   When Eliza came in,               
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