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Text for Page 025 [03-15-1861]

               A Dance at 745.
looking very well in a new dress, I talked
to her and presently a dance was proposed
and the tables were wheeled aside.  Sally
came up to me and asked if I wasn�t going
to join.   �You�re� engaged, of course?� I
said.    �How did you know it?� she inquired,
looking queerly.        She danced with Tommy,
Nicholas with Matty, Anne (who had come
in recently) with Jack, Haney with Crockett,
Eliza playing as usual; I sat jollily in
arm chair, mounted spectacles and looked
on.       I shouldn�t wonder if Nicholas trans-
ferred his addresses to Mat, when he
may find a rival in Haney.       The girl
is very kind and pleasant-tempered, of
late, has just that air of one who finds
herself in receipt of unaccustomed
homage, for which she is grateful.   (Young
Honeywell proved a special ass, and se-
ceded from the pleasant circle three months
ago.)         Mr. Edwards sat in his chair
by the fire and presently Mrs E. came
down-stairs.        More talks anon, a bit
of a spar with Sally.         All broke up at
11, as usual.
  16.  Saturday.   Writing.   Down-town               
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