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Text for Page 026 [03-16-1861]

            Sally instructing Tommy.
in the afternoon, look in at Haney�s office.
Writing during the evening and till 2 A.
M. next morning.   Boweryem up in my
  17.  Sunday.   To Cobb�s; saw his wife,
then by 6th avenue car to Frank Wood�s by
12, finding him and Nicholson, my successor
on the �World,� at breakfast.   Got what I
wanted, a book, called momentarily at
Colt�s, seeing him and his wife, then
returned to dinner.     Writing all the after-
noon and after.       Bowman called; out
with him by 8 �, to Chapin�s, where, on
the conclusion of the service, he left me.  Sally,
Nast, Eliza and Jack came out of the
family pew; I joined the two latter.   At
the house found Haney and Polhemus and
the rest of the family.        Jim Parton had
been there, at tea, yesterday.          I talked
mostly with Eliza; Sally, sitting by Nast,
was diligently employed in narrating the
plot of the �Newcomes� to him, girl-fashion,
having the volume in her hand; which she
presently proposed to lend him.     Little Tom-
my�s literary tastes are of the rawest; I
didn�t wonder at his not taking it.    Matty               
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