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Text for Page 027 [03-17-1861]

           Bellew dislikes England.
looking goodhumored, sat in the direction
of Haney, Polhemus on the near side.   Which
young man is rather a slow coach in con-
versation, having a talent for silence.
Presently Nast invited Eliza to the
theatre, of course after Sally.   All left
at 11 �; a very cold night.       Scribbling
till 2 or so.
  18.  Monday.  To Bowman�s boarding-
house in Laight Street,x a semi-vegetarian
one, Boweryem with me.      Got a bundle
of �Tribunes� &c. for consultation for my
present task, then down-town, to the
�Evening Post� offie.  Saw Godwin and
Maverick, anon Henderson, getting $5
for last article.      Returning up Nassau
Street, met Banks, who had a recently-
received letter from Bellew.   He rails at the
climate of England, says it doesn�t agree
with him, talks of returning, speaks of
Bob Gun�s �American Agency,� and �magni-
ficent reading rooms,� and of �poor weak Cahill
with nothing to do in this merciless metropo-
lis.�       Return; in-doors writing all the rest
of the day till 11 P.M; Boweryem copying
my M. S. for me.            Yesterday evening
  x Where I boarded afterwards � from Jan. to the first week in April, 1873 Eheu!               
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