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Eliza spoke of the second caricature Nast
had made of Nicholas!
  19.  Tuesday.   A letter from mine own
dear Hannah, dated Feb. 27.      Answered
it at once, with a twelve-page response.   Lit-
tle Rosa, Charley�s wife writes to Hannah that
he is likely to become a father.     �G. Gardner
comes every night to visit Sarah Ann, much
to Mrs. Bolton and William�s annoyance.�  Wrote
all day and till 1 or 2 A. M. of the next,
at �Charleston in Secession-Time.�
  20.  Wednesday.   Out in the morning and
down-town, looked into Haney�s &c.   Writing
all the rest of the day and evening.
  21.  Thursday.   In-doors, writing all the
stormy, snowy, equinoctial day which was in
every respect savagely wintry.  Turned out at
night, went to the Mercantile Library for books,
then to 745.   No visitors but myself, the girls,
Anne and Mr. Edwards present, Sally and
Eliza in gorgeous array.     A pleasant, talkative
evening of it.      Eliza and Sally went with Tom-
my to Wallack�s theatre on Tuesday.       Matty
shows very loveably, now; is always in the best
of tempers and looks, as a girl generally does
under those circumstances, charming.   Stayed               
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