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    W. Waud joins a S.C. Military Company.
till 11 o�clock, which came soon enough, and
then turned out into the snow � homewards.
  My attic doesn�t look jolly after such an
  22.  Friday.   Writing.    Down-town in the
afternoon, slush, snow, mud and misery.
Met Lindsay, and further down-town, Richard-
son � he of �the World� and drank with him.
To Haney�s; walked up-town with him.
Two of our old boarders returned, at supper,
Griswold and Jones.           Writing solitarily all
the evening, till Stockton came up, when we had
a glass together.
  23.  Saturday.   To the �Evening Post� office
by 1.  Saw Godwin.   He had spoken to the folks
about my application � no present vacancy.  Talk.
Called at F. Leslie�s � W. Waud at Charles-
ton still.  (The �Times� correspondent announced,
the other day that W. W. had joined some mili-
tary company � I guess in consequence of his
sporting that military cap, with the gilded palmetto
on it, in which he travelled throughout the
South!)    Return.    Writing during the after-
noon and evening.      Out-of-sorts and dis-
pirited.                      Here are some of the passa-
ges marked by Nicholas in �Christie Johnstone�;               
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