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Text for Page 032 [03-18-1861]

  Nicholas wooes through the medium of Charles Reade
rather corroborative of Sally�s estimate of him.
(I borrowed the book to read, when she wanted
to rub the pencil marks out for the second time
� but not vehemently.)
�May ye be rich wi� the rich upon the airth a�
your days and wi� the puir in the world to come.�
�Heaven bless her!  She reads our best authors
and never forgets a word; and she tells me beauti-
ful stories, � sometimes they make me cry, for her
voice is a music that goes straight to my heart.�
�What is to keep my heart warm when the sun is hid!�
�The weak love to temporize.�
�Oh! these little iron wills!�
�Life  x  x  x  is mended with sharp stones.�
�A halo surrounds her we love, and makes
beautiful to us her movements, her looks, her
faults, her nonsense, her affectation and herself.�
�Amusement is the end of being.� (!)
�And he had the mortification to find that she
had neither an ear nor an eye for him.�
�I fancied you the first time I set eyes on you.�
�  x  x  Women of every degree are often one solid
mass of tact.�
  �� A good deal to much on your knees, friend
Nicholas.  There are exceptions to Jerrold�s axiom
asserting that that position is the best one for taking               
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