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Text for Page 034 [03-23-1861]

                        745 again.
transmission to Dickens, in the hope that he
may accept it for �All the Year Round.�  These
I have been copying on light paper, to save pos-
tage, during the last three or four days.          Re-
turning, passed G. Arnold and Clapp.             In
the evening Hills of the �Post� came up, stayed
half an hour or so.         Out with him; parting,
I went to 745, finding Matty, Anne and Haney
there, the rest, consisting of Sally, Eliza, Jack,
Nast and Tousey, being at Anderson�s �Wizard
of the North� performances.    They all returned,
just as Haney and I had risen to depart, when
Tommy and Jack began burlesquing the �Wizard,�
the girls laughing at them.  Sally had a bouquet,
(of course Tommy�s giving) and handed it to me
to hold, while she effected some change in her
dress.        Walked home with Haney subsequently.

[newspaper clipping]
		     Another mistake
made by �Jasper,� was with reference to an
engraving of the entrance hall of the Charles-
ton Hotel, which appeared in The Illustrated
London News.  After abusing the print, he
charged the authorship to H. M. Gunn, the
special contributor of that paper, who was here
on a sketching expedition; but it was, as the
description said, the work of an amateur, and
the truthfulness of it, which �Jasper� so indig-
nantly questioned, will be admitted by all un-
prejudiced minds.  The sketches of the rough-
looking countrymen who lounge about the
Charleston are perfectly lifelike.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
		From the �Tribune�s�
		�Charleston correspondent.�
		He�s quite sure he
		knows all about it!
		(Probably written by
		Ramsay, alias Buckstone.)

  27.  Wednesday.   A rainy day.    Wrote letters               
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