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Text for Page 035 [03-23-1861]

         Old Briggs� Venality & Humbug.
to Cobb (in answer to a very friendly one re-
ceived from him the other day) and to Mary
Anne, did a bit of a story, then made a drawing
on wood, keeping at it till 1. P. M.      Rondel
came up at 5 and stayed half-an-hour.        He
has a lot of pictures and sketches in the Exhi-
bition, and, I think, supposed I might be able
to give them a puff in the �World.�   He told me
he had promised old Briggs a sketch, in ack-
nowledgment of its equivalent in praise, in the
�Tribune,� for which paper Briggs does a dreary column
or two of �Art Items� occasionally.  (He knows as
much of art as he does of music, being indeed
a solemnly-constituted humbug and imposter,
and an inveterate dodger.       When he gets hold
of anything he can sell, he takes it to some
daily paper, letting the �Courier� fare as it may,
filling it up with amateur rot, which isn�t
paid for � to Smith�s dissatisfaction.      The
one man is more ignorant, but infinitely more
honest than the other.    A good type of the old
class of newspaper hacks is C. F. Briggs Esq.
  Rondel says A. Waud has hired a plot of
ground of eight acres, which he will enter
into possession of shortly.
  28.  Thursday.   A fine day.   To Harper�s,               
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