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Text for Page 037 [03-27-1861]

saw John Bonner.   Picture rejected; �got so many
on hand.�   To the Post-office, Haney�s and
Strong�s.    At the second, my picture got me an
order for a batch, and Strong signified willingness
to accept a comic story to run through four or
five numbers.     So I came home in better
spirits.        Little Maguire and Miss Waite cal-
led this afternoon, the former came up to my
attic, to fetch me down.     They had met Bil-
lington in Broadway, who told them that Morris
had returned to New York.          I attributed lit-
tle Maguire�s visit to an expectation that I had
seen him.        Half an hour after their departure
he arrived, looking just as usual.      His Mrs.
Bryant is in Boston, he here, dwelling for the
present at his sister�s; again adrift on the
literary market.      I was glad enough to see
him; he stayed till 8, supping with us.
Talking with Morris, I often involuntarily recur
to that story of Cahill�s, of his attempt on little
Maguire, and find it difficult to credit it.      Out
by 8, to 16th street, and returning at 9 �
dropped in at 745.  Only Sally, Eliza and
Anne were present, Mat and her father having
gone to visit the Hayes�, which accounted for Ha-
ney�s not redeeming his promise of supping with me               
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