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           Mort Brown going to Europe.
or calling subsequently.     Eliza and Anne
were both dozy, so Sally and I talked about
Lamb, Thackeray and things in general, till
Mrs. Edwards descended and Jack came in,
when we got to abusing Fanny.    I stayed till
a quarter to 12, when Mat and her father
returned, then departing, after a pleasant
two hours of it.
  29.  Friday.   In-doors till the afternoon.  Wrote
to George Bolton, did a little drawing.    Out
for a walk.        Indisposed with a cold and out
of sorts generally.       Loafed away the evening
down stairs.
  30.  Saturday.    Mort Brown came up to get
letters of introduction, as he goes to Europe to-
on Monday, intending to stay three or four years,
principally at Sweden.     The young fellow
looked a good deal of a swell, in new spring
clothes, with gloves of brilliant purple.   I gave
him notes to Charley, Bob Gun and to Yewel
and Howland.               Down town � my cold
abominable.     To �Nick-nax� office, saw Lara-
son; at Haney�s met Mullen, and anon saw
Bobbett in the street, where a fire had recently
occurred, demolishing one of the houses.    Up-
town again, feeling illish.         At 6 o�clock, Shep-               
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