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Text for Page 039 [03-28-1861]

           Cahill back again in New York.
herd came up into my room and told me
that Cahill was in New York, � waiting out-
side, desiring to see me!      Shepherd had met
him, this very afternoon, at Florence�s liquor
saloon; when Cahill requested him to go to me.
I was surprised enough, of course, and dubious
as to whether it mightn�t prove a �sell� on Shep-
herd�s part, but turned out at once.          He had
left Cahill, like Chevy Slyme, round the corner,
but the fellow was no-where visible, at first, Shep-
herd surmising that he had slunk out of the
way, being �ashamed of himself.�   We descended
into Florence�s in search of him, took a drink
and I was introduced to Tom Hyer, the ex-pu-
gilist, and present proprietor of a gambling-hall,
whom I found to be a tall, well-built fellow,
without the brute look properly appertaining to
his past calling.       Shepherd appeared considerably
drunk, which condition increased apace.       Pur-
suing our quest, we went to �the Store� in Blee-
cker street, and were standing at the bar when
Cahill joined us.     I shook hands with him
and we adjourned to a table, called for ale
and talked.        He arrived in the Devonshire
� the sailing vessel which took Bellew and his
wife to England � this morning, after a forty-               
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