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Text for Page 154 [08-13-1851]

              Fred.     Evening, had resolved on an evening�s close writing, but Fagan and
his acquaintance, the good humored german who played piano at Washington Street
are evening come.   Talk of the sell.  It seemeth he is belied, and that
no descant was made upon him.
  14. Thursday. To Wall Street.  Holmes narrateth the reading of my letter at 
Washington Street.  How this morning the heroic Keating made his appearance at
the breakfast table; how he Holmes sat opposite to him, and had hard matter to
refrain from laughter; how on his leaving the room the letter was read, (whether
publicly or handed from one to another I know not.)   How on Holmes descending
and passing by the parlor door dire was the din and awful the upraising of voices.
�He must be mad!� �No! its his audaciousness!� �Ruffianly!� �I�d have
him arrested Mr Keating!�     Holmes was fain to decamp, lest he might he
called in, shown the letter, and roar! /     Gleason also brought a sounder
account, two hours subsequently, having called there.           Finished landscape
the third at 2.     Afternoon called at Duane Street & out with Mr Hart
and Dillon.   With the latter to the Post Office, and there, he, looking under
the list of July 5 found the advertised name of J B Gunn. Got the letter: it
was directed to the Post Office, and had lain there this time. From my mother
and Naomi.  All this wretched suspense over-now!     At Rabineaus, where
Mr Hart joined us.     Returning at 6 along the north River, a man ad-
dressing me by name, informs me that Whitelaw is in this country, and gives
me an address!!                   Joe called in the evening, sate an hour and bored
me. What a prolix and �two-and-two-make-four� asserting old man he�ll be.
  13th. Friday. To 47 Cliff Street at the Spottiswoode firm.  There saw
the Mr Whitlaw � not the Whitelaw though. A friend of Maca[rest of name unclear]�s, 
visited Rodney Buildings with him, and had a parcel for me.  Told me
particulars of his visit.  To the �Leader Office, talking with Picton &
others there when Mr Hart & Dillon came for me.     Imbibed at [unclear word]               
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