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Text for Page 041 [03-30-1861]

	     Cahill�s Story.
who generally sits by her side and misplaces his
W�s and V�s to an extraordinary extent, in vent-
ing ungrammatical homage.    (Before descending,
Shepherd had visited her chamber, leaving his
hat there.)      In half-an-hour I got him off
and we rejoined the expectant Cahill.   Shepherd
took himself off and we went to 16th street, I
hearing much of his past experience by the way.
Leaving him outside, I called at Mrs. Potter�s,
finding Haney in the Hayes� room, playing cards
with the old gentleman, while the old lady look-
ed on or conversed with two visitors � Leslie
and his wife.      The game over, Haney and
I withdrew into his room, when I told him
of Cahill�s return.       Haney wouldn�t go out
to see him to-night, but we made an appoint-
ment for the morrow, when I left, finding
a boy at the door whom Cahill, cold and tired
of waiting, had feed to inquire for me.     We
went to a bar-room in University Place and
our sundry glasses of rum and water I got a
fragmentary detail of his history, since his flight
from this country.         He was drunk, he says,
for a week previous, of course on Mrs Levi-
son�s money.    The apprehension of discovery
on the Saturday, when the engravers and               
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