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Text for Page 042 [03-30-1861]

            Cahill�s London Experiences.
others must be paid inspired him with the
idea of going to England, which occurred, he avers,
only on Friday.       He had knocked down the
major part of the money, (amounting in all, he
says to $200 only) previous to his departure,
but he characteristically took a first class passage,
arriving in London, via Liverpool with
but �3 in his pocket.  (He booked himself by
the way as Frank Stedman � the relation of which
made me laugh.)     In London he visited his
aunt and sister, the second of whom cried and
embraced him; but the first gave him the coldest
of receptions, amounting almost to turning him
out of doors.     Why? I asked.    He professed not
to know, unless in consequence of his not having
written to her.   (I judge �there is causes and oc-
casions.�)      His sister wanted to give him �5,
which he would not accept; he refrained from
visiting her and she wrote to him.       She is whol-
ly dependant upon her aunt, whose circumstances
appear to be limited enough.       When Cahill
quitted England, his sister was ignorant of it.
He could get no employment, lived in coffee-
houses, looked in the advertising columns of the
London papers in the hopes that something might
turn up, finally becoming utterly destitute.               
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