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Text for Page 043 [03-30-1861]

        He and Bob Gun �tackle� Ledger.
How he met Bob Gun I don�t remember, he
said something inferring that it was at the Syden-
ham palace.          He got Ledger�s address at the
�Era� office and, in company with Gun visited
our mysterious acquaintance.   It was a cold day,
and at every public-house they passed, they had
a glass of something hot, so that when they arrived
Cahill was drunk.             He abused Ledger, cal-
led him a G_d__n swindler and wanted him
to come out and fight; Bob Gun interfering
and getting Cahill off.     He himself considered
he had cause for quarrel with Ledger, had had
a row with him previously.     Yet the acquaintance
does not seem to have terminated; Cahill was
at Ledger�s house afterwards.       He says Led-
ger professed to be as poor as he was, showed
him a pawn-ticket for his watch, looked shab-
by and told him that the brokers were in the
house.    Ledger has a wife and six children.
Cahill opines that his story of his defunct Ame-
rican spouse is a lie, pronouncing Ledger the
most flagrantly wholesale of liars � asserting
that he lives, moves and has his being in an at-
mosphere of mendacity.   He is a rogue, a scoun-
drel, says Cahill, you can�t say what he is
or isn�t, anon declaring that he could tell me               
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