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Text for Page 044 [03-30-1861]

       Cahill�s Misery, Dishonesty and
things that would make my hair stand on
end about �Don Arturo,� whom he believes
will shortly arrive in New York.     Ledger,
however, contributed 15 shillings to Cahill�s re-
turn, 5 present in hand, then 10 more, advan-
ced at Ledger�s instance by Bob Gun.    Bob
would give Cahill a sovereign at a time, which
I�ve no doubt he made little hesitation in accep-
ting.       The behavior of both Gun and Bel-
lew Cahill designates as �princely.�   He sought
out Bellew�s lodgings, watched the windows with-
out venturing to call and was finally accosted
by Bellew and his wife in the street, and car-
ried home with them to dinner.   They lived in
lodgings, of course; I fancy Cahill was often
a visitor; not so often though but that he
experienced enough of hunger and misery.  He
has been four days without food � �walking
the London streets starving� � he says.   Once,
desperate he filled a bag with bricks, stones and
rubbish and went boldly to a hotel in Fleet Street,
ordering bed and breakfast for four days, and
decamping when he fancied himself det suspected.
He talks vindictively against England, dislik-
ing the people and declaring that they �treated
him shamefully.�   He would go instantly and               
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