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Text for Page 045 [03-30-1861]

             �Hard-upness� in London.
repudiate his nationality, in favor of that of the
U. S. he said!       I told him the twenty-five
cents which it would cost would be of more value
to him just now.       He wrote to the daily news-
papers, soliciting employment, with as much suc-
cess as might have been anticipated, sent them edi-
torials on the Prince of Wales in America, tried
story-writing for the cheap papers, couldn�t
get access to their editors, was induced to leave
the office of �Reynold�s Miscellany� by the sending
for a policeman, after apostrophizing one of the
employees as a �blasted boy�!    He hadn�t shoes
to his feet, slept in Coven Garden market, on
the benches of the parks, was stirred up and
bid �move on� by policemen.    He pawned his
coat during the summer, which was redeemed
by Bob Gun, from whom he must have had
�10 upwards, at different times.         Bob gave
him a week�s employment on the American Agen-
cy, paying him fifteen shillings.         House and
Neal appeared there on their way to Paris, rec-
ognizing Cahill; he met Abrahams also, who
has got some clerkship and talks of remaining
in England.      Bob never went to Paris, mat-
rimony preventing him.    He has married a wi-
dow, an old flame, a jolly hospitable woman               
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