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Text for Page 046 [03-30-1861]

               An Energetic Partner.
and childless.     He went into some specula-
tive printing invention on his coming to London,
which Cahill pronounces a success and projects
trying � if he can find a capitalist � here!
Bob has called upon my brother Charley and
upon Boutcher.          Becket or rather Patrick
Bellew is a secret partner of Bob�s in the Ame-
rican Agency business, though his share is held
in his brother�s name, for P. B. owes no end
of money and his creditors might be down on the
concern in the hopes of getting some of it.  Pat-
rick would go off pretending to be about busi-
ness, tell Cahill to find �a quiet, low pub-
lic house� at which both of them would sit over
pipes and beer for two or three house, when
Becket, returning to the Agency, would nar-
rate how many places he had called at!       He
will shortly �come in� for his wife�s fortune.
Frank Bellew has had a hard time of it, in
consequence of the cir-cum-lo-cu-ti-onary
way of doing business in England.      Cahill
had no some amusing particulars of his own
experience, when he went to publishers as Bel-
lew�s Man Friday, how the �call-again� busi-
ness was done to rags, putting both himself
and his principal out of all patience.       Mrs               
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