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Text for Page 047 [03-30-1861]

    Bellew�s Experiences with the �Punch� men.
Bellew and Cahill used to abuse England toget-
her.    She was very kind to him; he (who used
to dislike her) is now full of her praises.    She would
give him cakes of scented soap, with delicate
subterfuges which he seems to admire exceedingly.
(I like Cahill on delicacy!)      Bellew found some
difficulty in penetrating the close corporation of
�Punch,� but has accomplished it effectually.   Not
knowing prices, he was referred by Mark Lemon
to Swain, the foreman of the engravers � the man
I knew in the same capacity.    Whereupon Bellew
wrote to Julian Portch, one of the �Punch� artists,
who, in reply, �always made it a rule� to impart
no intelligence.   Then Bellew consulted Leech,
calling upon him for that purpose; who ^|he| was
civ civil, English and non-committal; could-
n�t exactly say, believed so and so; he got a
salary; should think that an Artist ought not
to go to an Engraver, &c., &c.    Finally Bellew
charged considerably higher than Portch, got it
and casually mentioned both prices at the Arun-
del Club, of which both artists are members.
Bellew sent Cahill to Blanchard Jerrold, to
get something to do, to others, some of whom
promised without performance; he (Cahill) is
generally denunciatory of all of them.    Bellew,               
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