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Text for Page 048 [03-30-1861]

        Mrs. Bryant�s & Morris�s Novel.
he avers, will be sure to return to New York,
after he has demonstrated his ability in �Punch.�
Our friend, �the Mejor,� is a shy lot, as usual;
the Bellew family are down upon him.     There
is a strong streak of Irishness running all through
it, I fancy.     The paymaster ship of the Sur-
rey militia seems either to be retained by Bel-
lew Senior, or to have become an intangibility.
Bob Gun�s wife has �300 a year.                     I
took Cahill home with me for an hour or so,
and he departed at about midnight, having
had quite as much liquor as was good for him.
I judged that he�d go home to bed, with what
correctness will appear anon.
  31.  Sunday.   Haney came at 11.  To the �Store,�
waiting there, or walking up and down in the
street � no Cahill.         At 12 � I left Haney 
at 745, whence he was going over to Brook-
lyn, to attend the funeral of Rees senior, whom
I never saw.      Writing during the afternoon.
Frank Hillard called, stayed an hour.      Morris
came, bored me with an account of the plot of
�Ruined!�, his proposed title for the magnum
opus he and Mrs. Bryant have been incubating
upon for the last nine months.        He supped
with me, then went off.      A messenger from               
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