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Text for Page 050 [03-30-1861]

             Cahill�s Return known.
after church-time Sally, Nast and Eliza.
(By the way Cahill saw these three on Broad-
way yesterday.)       Stayed till 11, as usual,
then departed.     Haney was wroth with Cahill;
wouldn�t go to see him; I felt disinclined to
it, for the present, so went to bed.


  1.  Monday.   A vile day; snow, sleet, slush
and wind its ingredients.       In doors till the
afternoon, then down-town with a batch of
sketches I had made, for Haney�s inspection.
Found Boweryem there.    O�Brien came in
and talked of �the return of the poor prodigal�;
of getting him something to do at Harper�s
� of which there is as much probability, under
O�Brien�s recommendation and endorsement,
as of getting him into Heaven.         Cahill has
showed himself down-town this morning, con-
versed with one of the boys employed on �Nick-
nax,� hence everybody is aware of his return.
Tousey hopes Mrs Lev. will prosecute him.  Lit-
tle Larason came up in Haney�s office and in
a cocky manner, asked Haney to tell Cahill               
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