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Text for Page 052 [03-31-1861]

	At George Arnold�s.
to come and see him.    All of this we talked of,
on Boweryem�s departure; when O�Brien had got
a $5 order on �Vanity Fair� �accommodated� by
Haney he left, too.        He had made an appoint-
ment with Cahill, twice, to meet him at Harper�s,
as I very well knew; promising to pay him 4
$4.50, which he owed the fellow, and as I
knew also, would no more do it that than he would
speak the truth, live honestly, decently, or be any-
thing but the selfish, swindling, insolent Irish
scoundrel he is.         Cleaned my mouth by
a talk with Haney, then up-town by 6th Avenue
car, in the snow flurry.      Writing all the evening.
  2.  Tuesday.   Round to George Arnold�s by
12 �, having a question to ask, pertinent of price
for a story for Strong, of which I have done
a chapter and the plot.      Clapp�s brother came
in momentarily; he is considerably less hideous
than H. C. junior � couldn�t help being so, for
or Nature would have behaved demoniacally.  Af-
ter dinner down-town, to �Tribune� office, saw
Dana, got $2 for paragraph, went to Strong�s,
(where O�Brien came in) left M. S., made an
unsuccessful call at Haney�s, then up-town.
Morris called.           After 7, boy came up with
note from Cahill � waiting outside again.  Stock               
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