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	   Things at 745.
ton up awhile.   Joined Cahill at �the Store,�
and he walked with me towards and past 745;
telling me he had seen Seymour, who had pro-
mised to get him something reportorial to do on
the �Times.�   Appointed to meet him at 11 and
went to 745.        Sally opened the door, Nast
and Eliza were in full cry at the piano, Anne
and Mat at the table, sewing or scissoring.   I
had expected and wanted to see Haney, who
hadn�t been there for two whole evenings.  They
talked about it: Anne always affects great
consideration for him, now; perhaps conscience-
stricken for what she once helped to do; or
rather because Haney whipped her with his ton-
gue for it.      Women find it pretty easy to go
on in injustice when unresisted, but sing out, �How sorry
I am! don�t!� when the victim hits back.
Anne, too, is making up for her dep helping to
deprive Sally of one lover by abetting another.
When Eliza, at the piano, got tiffed at the
talking, Anne wanted her to keep on, (for
the benefit of Sally and Tommy; who
conversed safely, under its cover.)  They get
along, as I augured, favorably � little Podgey
will win, sure enough, and if he don�t detest
me it�s a pity!        Well, perhaps he has a               
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