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Text for Page 054 [04-01-1861]

             I feel as if Unwelcome.
right to � I�m almost inclined to justify him.
Somehow, for, I think, the first time in my
life in that basement, I felt as though I were
unwelcome � as though my arrival had im-
posed some restraint on what was in progress.
So I talked awhile with Matty, chaffed Anne,
and presently went up-stairs, finding Jack at
work papering the wall, in preparation for the
as transfer of his mother�s business-room from
the floor below to that recently occupied by Mrs.
Honeywell.    Then I joined Mr. & Mrs. Ed-
wards and Knudsen.       Anon down-stairs again
with the latter.        The time passed but dully;
at 11 I was glad to go.                  Found Cahill
at my door, took him up in my room for
an hour or so.           I have put down some
errors in my digest of his narrative.   He did
not see his aunt; she refusing recognition of him.
He met his sister at the house of some mutual
acquaintances who knew, but had not told her,
of his American dishonesty, getting the news from
some correspondent.      He met Bob Gun first
at Ledger�s house.       Ledger, he wrote to, at the
outset, meeting him at his own appointment, in
St. Paul�s churchyard.       Ledger has a Spanish
or South American wife.      Both Cahill and               
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