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Text for Page 055 [04-02-1861]

         Bob Gun horribly humbugged.
Gun declare that Ledger set them on imprac-
ticable fool�s errands when in this country;
Bob was without money in Cuba, sick and
almost desperate, half-inclined to commit a
robbery on the highway in order to relieve
himself.   But for the goodnature of his land-
lady, he might have been imprisoned.      Led-
ger seems to have broken off communication
with him; how he obtained money to return
to New York I don�t know, perhaps from
Scotland.      He kept all this to himself, though,
nor does Cahill know, now, what his business
really was in Cuba.         Ledger made him take
�a solemn oath� of secrecy, which in spite
of his dissatisfaction with that mysterious cy-
clops, he declares he will observe.        Cahill
stayed till midnight, got Larason�s address
and departed.
  3.  Wednesday.   A letter from Cobb. Wri-
ting all the morning; Morris up for five minu-
tes.    Down-town by 4 �, passed Sally and
Eliza, met Nicholson and, in the park Nicho-
las and Jack Crockett, who told me that Ha-
ney had gone home indisposed.  Nicholas himself
didn�t look well, is troubled with a boil.    After
a drink at Crook and Duff�s we parted.    They               
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