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Text for Page 057 [04-02-1861]

    Charley meets Bellew at George Clarke�s.
  4.  Thursday.   Writing till noon, then down-
town, to Strongs and Haney�s office, returning
with wood-blocks.   Writing and drawing all the
rest of the day and evening, till midnight.       Bower-
yem up during the evening.
  5.  Friday.   A letter from my mother, God
bless her! � congratulations on my return from the
South and news.     Charley told her I had written
to him but didn�t, of course, show the letter, which
she �then thought unkind.�  An allusion to the appear-
ance of my drawing of Fort Moultrie in the �Illus-
trated London News,� of which I know nothing.
My mother and Rosa have visited Bellew and
his wife, like them and invited them to 
tea &c., to meet my brothers, which little party
didn�t come off, in consequence of news of a death
of Mrs. Bellew�s sister.                 Charley has met
Bellew at Geo^|r|ge Clarke�s.           My mother and
sister called on Boutcher, who lives near Notting
hill, Bellew�s residence, but didn�t see my
old office-chum�s wife.  His mother is recovering
from a dangerous illness, involving the removal
of some of the bones of the foot.    Sam is like
to make my mother a grandmamma, �Mrs.
Charles� doesn�t show at Rodney Buildings;
poor Naomi is sick abed with sore-throat and               
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