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Text for Page 058 [04-03-1861]

	�Bohemian� Friendship.
fever, my father keeps his bed a good deal,
looks very ill and has a constant, noisy cough.  The
Annoots live at Fulham; Mrs A. has nine chil-
dren; the winter has been a severe and stormy
one, killing �almost all our evergreens,� and our
house next door will have its chronic attack of va-
cancy, next quarter.              I got this letter as
I was going out, finding Cahill at the door, tal-
king with Mrs. Boley.     Down-town with him.  Not
on the �Times�� yet; hopes to be so next week; cousin
Seymour hard-up, or professing it � don�t give Cahill
any money.   I tipped him a humble quarter at part-
ing, when it appeared that he hadn�t eaten since
yesterday morning.   He went to Larason, who
tells him Mrs. Lev. will return to New York on
Saturday; Cahill is to see her on Monday.  None
of the Bohemians have helped him with a doit; they
can�t even pay small monies borrowed from him.
  To Strongs � go ahead with story.   To Butler�s
dog-cellar, Peck Slip, a �crack� of talk with
him, then to the 4th Ward Station-House and
to Sergeant Williams� house, to make appointment
for to-morrow night.       Then up-town, the day
cool and sunny.     Writing all the afternoon.   Ca-
hill came up; set him to sticking pictures in
scrap book.     After supper, I was talking with               
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