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Text for Page 059 [04-04-1861]

             Cahill�s Crime Condoned.
the Woodward girls and Richardson, when Ca-
hill passing by the open door (he had been up to
my room after going out to get his supper and
finding me absent was departing), they observed
him, and when I recalled him from the street,
came to the door and shook hands with him.  Sub-
sequently Phillips and Griswold came up-stairs
to see him.           Writing.       Weston, the advertising
agent, up awhile.           Out at 9 o�clock,    Cahill
walking with me, leaving me at Haney�s.       Found
him, Jack Crockett and Nicholas with Mr. and
Mrs. Hayes� in their room, all playing bluff, which
they kept at till 10 �.           Last Sunday night,
when Morris appeared at 745, Haney suggested
this evening for a temporary revival of our former
Friday ones, and I expected Crockett and
Nicholas would have been there, and had some
thoughts of dropping in myself for half an hour,
but was content enough to throw it over; less
per more so perhaps than Nicholas, for I think
he �hankers� after Sally still.          Did I ever
put down his physique?   He is a tall, acquiline-
nosed, good looking fellow, with dark, curly
hair and moustache; has a rather graceful,
gentlemanly way with him.  After the depart-
ure of himself and Crockett, Haney and I retired               
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