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Text for Page 156 [08-16-1851]

              lin Street, all being out, then a walk and back �home.�        /            In
the afternoon got a letter from Keating, whereby it appears he was not the
writer of the last missive, someone � (I suppose J B H having assumed
his signature for the purpose of humbugging all.     Wrote to Keating.
  17. Sunday.   The rain rained down in, not Maryland, but New York town
at such a rate that I could not stir out till the afternoon, then to Mul-
berry Street, and Mr Greatbatche�s.   Supped there, pleasantly, subsequently in
the even with Joe and the boys walked out. Left them at Leonard Street,
then alone to Franklin.  Had a bit of a row with the fat old woman, who
looked out of window in consequence of my ringing both bells. Had to tell her to
go to bed or lock her-self up, whereat she was greatly irate.  Mrs Kidder coming
to the door; went in, Mason, Miss Gibson, �Lotty�, and two masculines,
Pope and another.   Talk of the feud �twixt Mrs K & the fat old woman, who
it seemeth liketh not Mrs K�s visitors conversations, and hath discoursed scurrilous
thereon.     General talk.  Mrs K reading partially clever letter from a Mr Morse
at Boston; he recommending her to read Dante, (nobody present having read it!)
Mason lay on sofa, side by Miss Gibson, she eau-de-cologning his caput for head-ache
remedy.  �Lotty� talked with masculines, and me.       Two masculines go, the
rest of us remain.   �Lotty�s� face is a fair one, in repose, as well as animation,
her complexion is ^|not| clear, her features good, and what vivacity and life in her
bright black eyes.   What a glorious little creature would she have been, had
not the devil of Wilfulness got the mastery.     [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[word crossed out].         Left about 11.
  18. Monday. To Duane Street, found Mr H & Dillon had gone.
To Wall Street, Holmes & Anderson.   Former away.  Posted letter. To Butlers,
to Strongs, Watt�s, and a printers where I saw Andrews. Left the �Reveille�
after a weeks editorializing.  To Roberts; saw him.     In doors idling during               
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