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Text for Page 060 [04-05-1861]

    Men who have disregarded one of Sancho�s
and had a pipe and a talk till 12.            The
suspicions of George Arnold and Shepherd relative
to Bob Gun�s marriage, that he has wedded
an old flame of his, one with whom he had an
adulterous intimacy during her husband�s life,
appear to be justified.       The husband was a
well-to-do man, an inventor, who had visited
this country.    Bob renewed the intimacy with the
widow on his return to England and two months
after his departure from Scotland, married her.
Cahill knew of the business; indeed, Gun talk-
ed of it antecedently, to Arnold and others here;
so Cahill could not but guess the identity.   Bob,
of course, don�t want it published in
gossip here and I don�t think Cahill would have
said anything, but for my inquiring.     What a
many of my acquaintances and quasi-acquaintances
have chosen partners-in-life of dubious antecedents;
or would be shy of what led to their selections:
Jim Parton, Bellew, the two Wauds, Sol Ey-
tinge, Heylyn, Bob Gun, Damoreau (for 
I believe Madame ex-Pradeaux�s belongings were un-
equivocal) � and more than I can think of, just
now, not to mention such small fry as little 
what d�y�call himx � ex-friend of the nauseous
Watson.    It�s an edifying record, highly sug-
	x Edge.               
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