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Text for Page 061 [04-05-1861]

           Bob�s Americanism � in England.
tive of how the lives of the majority of men drift,
in affairs of the greatest importance.         Not
one of all I have named but has reaped as he
sowed.            Bob Gun and his wife get along
well enough, says Cahill; she is a jolly, stylish-
looking woman, older than himself, has �300
a year from her former husband.        Bob had
the impudence to show her �Dell��s portrait, tel-
ling her a cock-and-bull story about the original�s
being a slave-girl he owned and whom he had
left in prison, for safe-keeping in New York!
When he is not at the �American Agency,� if
there�s a Punch show in the vicinity, you
can always find him enjoying it.     He went to
the Sydenham Palace with Cahill and bribed
the orchestra with a pint of beer for each mem-
ber of it (amounting to �1), to play the �Star-
Spangled Banner,� both he and Cahill hallo-
ing a good deal on their Americanism!    They
met the disreputable Major Piercy there, who
was drunk and offensively demonstrative to-
wards a decent waitress and who took Cahill
aside and asked him, �What Bellew had done?�
to necessitate his leaving New York!!! discredit-
ing Cahill�s assurance that his brother-in-law
hadn�t been obliged to return to England               
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