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Text for Page 062 [04-05-1861]

        Two Jokes of a different quality.
on account of some Irishness, and subsequently
applying to Bob Gun with the same inquiry.
Bob�s parents were unaware of his marriage,
but are content at it.                     Apropos of his
nigger mistress, ar Arnold, whom she hated,
and wrote melodramatic-idiocy about in her trashy letters
to Bob, talking about �the fiend having triumph-
ed� &c., � Arnold sent  her the notice of Gun�s
marriage, with �Yours truly, George� to it, which
the Bohemians regard as an immense joke.     It�s
very like Pistol�s �murdering a poor whore�s ruff
in a bawdy-house.�          Bob Gun is very like
Sancho Panza in Leslie�s picture of �Sancho and
the Duchess� � it�s his jolly bald crown exactly.
He and Cahill, when engaged on the printing �in-
vention,� humbugged their acquaintances with a
story that they were buying up bullock�s-bladders
for exportation to Cuba, to make cigar-holders
of! and rung the changes on the absurdity
to such a degree that a unanimous verdict 
of �D__n bullocks� bladders!� was passed by
the community.
  6.  Saturday.   In-doors, drawing on wood
till evening.   Then taking Griswold with me by
way of company, down-town by the 2nd avenue
cars to the Fourth War Police Station.      As I               
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