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Text for Page 064 [04-05-1861]

             Other Boarding-House Folks.
in his �Saturday Press� feulletons.     Geary is now
one of the minstrels of the Bryant troupe; they say
he gets over $40 a week (?).   He talks of Paris, Rome,
the Blarney Stone and tells you you would be very
much pleased with the lakes of Killarrrney.     The
family take to Mrs. Ham enormously, being as Lizzy
Woodward says, �all Irish together� and the women
kiss when they meet.   And Mrs. H. is so revoltingly
amiable on the strength of the intimacy that to look
at is to long to throw things at her.                    We
have other changes in our boarding-house: the Wood-
wards secede for another on Monday; cause, the re-
moval of Lizzy�s store up-townwards, which gives
her a longer walk than she has leisure for at din-
ner-time, and general dissatisfaction.       Both the
girls object to old Jewett entering their room, the
big back parlor, (once the dining-hall in Mrs. Potter�s
time) of evenings, in search of Mrs. Boley, whom
he trots after like an old tame goat.            He is a
fussy old bachelor, without harm in him but unut-
terably verbose.       I chaff Mrs. B. about him, wh
telling her I shall suggest to her whelp, Albert, the
demanding of Jewett�s intentions, and the like, when
she colors up and says, �Shouldn�t I be a fool?�
Mrs. B., in return of the side-objurgations of the Wood-
wards, declares that the devil enters into girls di-               
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