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Text for Page 066 [04-06-1861]

	And Oregonian Cymon.
he grinned a good deal over the supper-table and
affected a cordiality and amenity of manner which
was immense.         He used to bring a boy, �Charley,�
(one of the ready-made family to which he was to be-
come papa) to table, lift him into a chair, cater
for him and be entertained by his prattle.  Lloyd
the elder, rather a sharkish person, backed his
brother with purse and advice in the business.  They
are all off the scene, now, and the little widow is
to be married in June.              We have a tall
and rather goodlooking Mrs. Butler here � a board-
ing house widow � with the usual husband, who
behaved atrociously to her, around somewhere, and
an objectionable boy in his teens.         Also there are
sundry women whom I haven�t time to individual-
  7.  Sunday.   In doors until evening.  Phillips
up, anon Cahill, then Boweryem.       The second
went off to dine with Seymour and the third 
to Fort Lee.         Writing during the afternoon.
Stockton up, just as I was going out.         Mac
Elrath has got a berth under the new adminis-
tration and designs selling the �Century.�   To
Chapin�s, but another clergyman preached.     Af-
ter service to 745.       Nast opened the door to
me and I found only him and the young, flaxen-               
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