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Text for Page 067 [04-06-1861]

              Tommy in Possession.
headed Tousey, awaiting the return of the
family from Fanny Fern�s, whither they had
gone in acceptation of the usual yearly invitation.
(Marry! on entering the principals might greet each
other with the gladiatorial formula, �Salutation
to the Death!�)      There was also another induce-
ment, a Mrs. Galusha, ne� Sarah Gay, being
of the party; which person is she of Rochester
habitation, whom Tommy Nast was once smitten
with, a friend of the Thomsons� and of Jim Par-
ton�s sister.           This, barring the personal
item, Tommy told me in a constrained and grud-
ging manner.        I tried him with a remark or
two, then lapsed into silence and looked over
newspapers, finding my Fort Moultrie drawing
in the �London News.�  So we three sat, in
silence, except when Tommy said a word or two
to Tousey, until the unlocking of the street-
door and the girls� laughter was heard above.
They descended in high spirits and gorgeous
array, Eliza looking splendid, Mat pretty, 
Sally handsomish and flippant.     Talked a
bit to Mat and Eliza.        They had had to
sing songs at Fanny�s, as heretofore, of ^|a| Sunday
and didn�t like it, but what could one do, you
know?      Mr and Mrs Edwards came down,               
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