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Text for Page 069 [04-07-1861]

	Bob Gun�s Marriage.
I shall never be able to reduce that conviction
to practice.   And I don�t know that I care to.
  8.  Monday.   Writing all the morning.   Down
town by 5.    Met W. Leslie, who invited me
to visit him at his newly-purchased house.  To
Haney�s office.   Rode up-town.   Writing hard all
the evening.     Cahill up.       More talk of his Lon-
don experience; how he slept in boxes full of
showings, in a Paternoster Row work-shop;
walked the streets barefoot, or next to it, and didn�t
have his clothes off (he says) for 3 months.
  9.  Tuesday.   Down town to �Evening Post�
office, saw Nordhoff and Maverick there, gave
the latter my article, Godwin being at Washington.
To Haney�s office; he out; Jack Crockett came
in.      Return.      Writing letters to Babbage and
W. Waud.         Cahill up, as usual.       Talk of
folks over the water.       Bob Gun�s marriage
was characteristic; Cahill lied to Mrs. Bob
about his presence at the wedding (he was too
late for the ceremony) and, after a brief ex-
cursion, the happy couple returned privily to
their house and solemnized their honeymoon with
closed shutters!       Bob chaffs his wife a good
deal, corrects her fondness for a pet-dog by
vowing that he will import a favorite skunk               
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