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Text for Page 073 [04-09-1861]

                Bellew�s conjugal Infelicity
He confirms and amplifies some of my impressions
about the infelicity of the match.     He thinks Mrs.
B subject to the national American female insti-
tution of prolapsus interi, in which case her hus-
band�s animal nature would not allow him to be
faithful to her; hence her jealousy and unhappi-
ness.   Bob Gun, I know, always used to ac-
count for Bellew�s chronic impecuniosity by the
characteristic supposition that he must keep a
mistress, and Cahill has heard somewhat about a
German woman whom �Frank� used to visit.   In
illustration of the occasional rows between himself
and wife, Cahill remembers Bellew�s proposing
to bear him company in going off to Jersey for
an afternoon and remaining till next morning,
which they only partly carried into effect, disco-
vering on their return that Mrs. Bellew, �the
Mejor� and his wife had all been greatly alarmed
about Frank, wondering where he had got to.   The
proposal had been the result of a domestic quar-
rel.      I have no doubt whatever but Bellew drew
Nelly Strutt in his story of �Ricketty Dick� � a
queer abortive performance, sprinkled with merit
� from his wife.       The poor woman loves, is jealous
of him and unhappy.             Apropos of his debt
to papa Edwards, for the gin supplied to Pasha               
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