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Text for Page 074 [04-09-1861]

	   And Dishonesty.
Percy or Piercy, Bellew nearly quarreled with
Haney on his saying something endorsing Mr. Ed-
wards� right to demand his money; and walking
off with Cahill afterwards, declaring that Ha-
ney deserved to have his face smacked and that
he (Bellew) would have done in but for the dis-
parity between them, Haney being so much the
smaller man.        Bellew avers that papa Edwards
at first offered him lengthy credit and then dun-
ned him; papa Edwards that he called again
and again, couldn�t see Bellew and that on his rep-
resenting with perfect civility to Mrs. B. that he
should like a time fixed when her husband would
be visible, the two combined in the invention that
he had been rude to her with the intention of cheat-
ing him.     Haney had given Mr E. the hint, �Get
your money� after unwisely suggesting the sale.
  10.  Wednesday.   Letters, two from Bob Gun
to Boweryem, with printing commissions relative
to the �American Agency� and a description about
a new inventive process for the enlarging or re-
ducing engraving, printing &c, which Bob went
into at the expenditure of a sum of money for
the secret and $200 for experimenting, and
which he wants Boweryem to lay before monied
publishers, with the intention of patenting it in the               
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