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Text for Page 075 [04-09-1861]

         Train�s �Turtle-Lunch� in London.
United States.    Bob has learnt, accidentally, that
Cahill sent over the detail of the process to Ha-
ney (who did nothing in the matter) and seems
wroth about Cahill�s behavior, saying that he
treated him like a brother and kept him from
starving while in London.       Bellew and Bob
were at �a Turtle lunch,� given by �Young Ameri-
ca Train,� on the occasion of the opening of the
first street-railway in London, March 23,
when were present Sala, George Cruikshank,
Blanchard Jerrold, Tom Hood junior and
others and where certain of the party (doubtless
inclusive of Bob and Bellew) got �tight.�  Bob
announces, also, Ledger�s intention of returning
to New York, �on private business.�       By the
way, Ledger lied about that loan afforded to
Abrahams � whom he lent but $2, not $10.
Abrahams is in London, has a situation, and
was one of the subscribers to expedite Cahill
hither.        I don�t think I have put down the
characteristic way in which Cahill commuted
payment of the $20 balance for the passage;
for which the captain Bellew had given the cap-
tain of the Devonshire an order on Seymour.
Talking of his conversation with the N.Y. press, Ca-
hill got an offer of compounding the responsibili-               
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