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Text for Page 076 [04-09-1861]

              [loose newspaper clipping]
  Several years ago there was published in the United
States a work which, although true even in it minute
details, was of a very sensational character, as illustrat-
ing the often realised fact that truth is stranger than
fiction.  Its title was �Linda; or, the Deeper Wrong.�
It depicted the temptations and the inevitable ruin and
degradation to which slave girls were so generally sub-
jected by the chivalrous champions of slavery�the
�gentlemen� of Virginia and the Carolinas.  The
heroine of this true story, Mrs. Harriet Jacobs, has
just arrived in England on a philanthropic mission.
She is accredited by the most satisfactory testimonials
from Mrs. Lydia Maria Childs, and from various mem-
bers of the Society of Friends in America, with whom
during the last four years she has been associated
in the work of superintending hospitals for the
aged negroes.  This work she has performed with
great ability and success.  Her errand to this
country is to obtain funds for the erection of a similar
hospital on a larger scale in the south, and one for the
relief of young people.  Donations in aid of either of
these objects will be received for her by Stafford Allen,
Esq., Church-street, Stoke Newington, N.; or by Robert
Alsop, Esq., Park-road, Stoke Newington.  Mr.
Allen will also be pleased to forward copies of an edition
of �Linda,� brought over by Mrs. Jacobs for sale in aid
of her objects.  Price of each copy 5s. 6d. post-free.  The
book is well bound, and printed in good clear type.
  During the past week Mrs. Jacobs, accompanied by
her daughter (a fine young woman, almost white, born
in slavery), has attended philanthropic conversaziones
at the residence of P. A. Taylor, Esq., M.P., Stafford
Allen, Esq., and J. Bevan Braithwaite, Esq.               
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