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Text for Page 077 [04-10-1861]

               George Bolton and his Wife.
ty by getting a puff of the vessel and its command-
er inserted in a daily paper, which, by Seymour�s
influence, appeared in the �N.Y. Times.�  It praised
the captain and talked of a congratulatory meeting
of passengers.    In reality the man was detested
by them, being, says Cahill, �the d____dest brute
that ever commanded a ship.�     He told his cousin
this: �All right!� says Seymour.                        A
letter from George Bolton, in answer to mine.
His fortune has been �like his health, now good,
now bad;  x  x  crops good � isolation of posi-
tion � patience &c.   His wife is again in child-
birth, he trying to find a nurse for her, in
which, as she won�t associate with the neighbours,
he encounters some difficulty.    She doesn�t visit her
brother John, too, who seems to have developed into
a money-loving muck-thrift; �when she left him
she made him a present of various articles, which she
brought from England, sets of knives, silver
spoons &c., in return for asking for a few things
of little value,� which he gave, subsequently �send-
ing in a bill for them, charging for each item
seperately at his own valuation.�  When their
father died, too, he left �200, with books
and chattels, all of which John Conworth appro-
priated without a word.   She His sister had               
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